Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Goon bags are "greener" than bottles

The pouch is the new goon bag. Says Chris O’Shea of Versus Wines:-

"Initial consumer feedback from around the world has been very positive to the wine pouch. The innovative design offers convenient handles for portability and on-the-go consumption, a leak proof tap, is light and easy to squeeze into a bag or picnic hamper and the packaging also allows contents to be cooled more rapidly than traditional glass."

He also goes on to say that pouches are more "green" than glass bottles since pouches have a lower carbon footprint than glass. Now I know that goon bags have other post-consumption uses such as for bedding but now they should be the packaging choice of green-conscious as well as the poor college student.

"Studies conducted on the pouch found that although glass is easier to recycle, even if 100% of the glass bottles produced were recycled and 0% of the pouches were recycled, they would still achieve a significantly lower environmental impact and less waste."

Selling goon bags as environmentally friendly. Thats a good one!

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