Friday, January 4, 2008

What says Iowa like wine?

Dr Vino has a fun post up on his blog that plays the old "if you were [insert inanimate object] what would you be game" with the Presidential hopefuls.

My favorite ones:-

John McCain: He used to be more of a loose cannon eight years ago. Now, the fire in the belly appears as mere embers. His wine is a 10 year old Turley Zinfandel, fiery in it’s youth, now sadly without vigor.

Dennis Kucinich: Given his hhhhot young wife (born 1977), he clearly likes youthful reds. We’ll put him down for a California Pinot, most recent vintage available.

John Edwards: he’s made it far on his “two Americas” theme. We know what that means–beer America and wine America. We’ll split the difference and put him down for a Franzia box wine.

It has been rumored though that on a trip to Estonia in 2004 that Hillary and McCain got into a "vodka drinking" contest so maybe wine isn't their tipple of choice!


Mark V Marino said...

Great article you are a funny man!
I like the John Edwards comment the best!

Mark V Marino said...

Oh shoot this is Tyler's stuff anyway thanks for the post I will read his article too

Elliot Essman said...

As long as these candidates aren't neo-prohibitionists, one of them will get my vote.